Many Ways To Help Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering

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Welcome to the section of the website where there are many pages telling you of many ways to help animals. Scroll down and you will see them. If you feel helpless about not being able to help stop animal cruelty, do not despair! There are numerous ways you can help animals, many of which you may never have realised. You can find pages detailing them all by clicking the second to last option on the page contents box.

No matter what your circumstances, and the type of things you like doing, there is something for everyone. You don’t even have to move from your computer or smart phone if you don’t want to. If you enjoy being around other people and/or animals, there is lots you can do that way too.

To be most effective in your efforts to help animals, it is good to arm yourself with as much knowledge about animal cruelty as possible. This is because you will then be able to answer any questions other people may have, and help spread awareness of the issues. You can find information here, but please be aware that it can be distressing for more sensitive people.

Image: Because animal cruelty is a horrible subject, people find it easiest to bury their heads in the sand. This non-action actually helps abusers, allowing them to continue unchallenged and unhindered.

Many Ways To Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering Stop Animal Cruelty Apathy And Indifference
Stop Animal Cruelty Apathy And Indifference

Pages In This Section Of The Site

Below is a list of pages about ways you can help animals. There are many further suggestions of ways to help animals within each of those pages.

Ethical Shopping For Animal Lovers

Page Description: Make a big contribution to helping stop animal cruelty by being a cruelty-free consumer. Find out which companies are and are not cruelty-free by choice, learn what ingredients to avoid to prevent destroying the habitat of wildlife, and find out how else you can be a cruelty-free consumer.

Avoid Inadvertently Funding Animal Torture & Death

Page Description: The most effective way to help stop animal cruelty is not to fund it. Many people fund animal torture and death, often without even realising it. Find out if you are one of them, and how to avoid it.

Best Way To Report Online Animal Cruelty

Page Description: There is a lot of evidence of people being cruel to animals on the web. Disturbingly, some people actually enjoy viewing the material. Just getting the abuse taken down means the evidence of its origin is lost, and nobody will be prosecuted. This page will tell you how to get it investigated with the aim of bringing the people responsible to justice.

Cross-Post To Save Animals Lives

Page Description: Save abandoned animals lives by cross-posting / sharing them online, such as on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Many animals lives are saved this way as it finds them life-saving rescue spaces.

Take Part In Campaigns & Petitions

Page Description: Email campaigns, social media campaigns, and petitions can be hugely successful. Success is often due to ongoing pressure being applied using different approaches, such as campaigns & petitions, protests, the spreading of awareness, and people closing their wallet to cruelty. Find links to email campaigns, social media campaigns, and petitions on this page. There is advice about which petitions may be most effective, and fake petition sites to avoid. Also find ways to get petitions automatically filled in, meaning you avoid having to type in your details each time. Letters and phone calls are also a useful way of taking part in campaigns and petitions.

Use Charity Search Engines

Page Description: Charity search engines donate money to the charity you select every time you use them to search the web. Using them, you can earn money for animal charities without even noticing. Choose the best charity search engines from this page and find out how to make one your home page instead of your current search engine.

Click To Give, Free Games And Apps That Give

Page Description: While on the web, take a few seconds to visit click to donate websites where you simply click a button to earn money for animal charities. You can also earn money to help animals by doing online activities and playing online games. This page gives you access to all these.

Fake Animal Rescue Videos: Torturers and Killers?

Page Description: Do you unknowingly encourage animal abuse and killing by viewing and sharing animal rescue videos you believe to be genuine? Find out why fake animal rescue videos are so bad for animals, and how to tell the difference between genuine animal rescue videos and fake ones.

Run An Internet Fundraising Page

Page Description: You can easily set up an internet fundraising page to help raise funds for animals in desperate need. It is probably most effective to have a fundraising group page on a social networking site such as Facebook. Such pages that are already established are often in need of people to help run them too. You can run sales, auctions, or other events on it to raise money for animal charities.

De-clutter And Donate Stuff

Page Description: To help stop animal cruelty you can donate things in good condition to animal charities that they can sell in their charity shops, at fundraising sales, on online auctions, or use as prizes for things such as tombolas and raffles. You can also donate items animal rescues can use in the care of their animals. Some can even use damaged clothes, fabric scraps, wool and buttons which they recycle into fundraising items. De-clutter your home to help animals.

Demonstration And Protests

Page Description: Protests and demonstrations put pressure on organisations to stop their animal exploitation and abuse, and ongoing or repeated protests are commonly successful. Protests also draw attention to animal cruelty issues, embarrassing the perpetrator and gaining support from the public. They can also deter customers of the organisations. Different protest tactics are explored on this page.

Use eBay For Charity

Page Description: Find out how you can help stop animal cruelty by using the “eBay for charity” option on the eBay auction site. There, you can sell new or used items and can choose for between 10% & 100% of the money to be donated to the charity you select. You can also help by buying items sold in aid of animal causes.

How To Check If Fur Is Real Or Faux

Page description: Real animal fur is being mislabelled and sold as fake fur, often without retailers realising. Find out what checks you can do to tell if fur is real or faux.

Earn Or Raise Funds For Animals, Even For Free!

Page Description: Lots of different fundraising ideas you can do for low cost or for free. You can also earn money for animals for free through easy every day activities. There are things you can do on your own, or involving others.

Crafting Ideas To Help Animals

Page Description: If you enjoy sewing, knitting, or arts and crafts, use your hobby to benefit animals in need.

Buy From Online Animal Charity Stores, Auctions, Or Sales

Page Description: If everyone bought greeting cards, gifts, and other goods from struggling animal rescues & charities, instead of regular retailers, an enormous number of animals would be saved from suffering. The sad reality is that most people do not. There are links to animal rescue/charity fund raising stores on this page.

Charity Insurance For Pets

Page Description: By taking out pet insurance with companies that donate large amounts to animal charities, you will be protecting yourself and your pet from unexpected vets costs, whilst raising money for animal charities at no extra cost to you. Find out on this page which pet insurance companies most help animal causes.

Spay And Neuter Pets, Don’t Breed

Page Description: To vastly reduce the numerous innocent, unwanted pets being put to death in pounds, shelters & some rescues every single day, it is vital to spay and neuter pets. It also protects your pets from cancers of the reproductive systems. Information on this page includes when you should neuter, the effects of neutering, myths about neutering, low-cost neutering available, plus more.

Foster, Sponsor, Or Adopt An Animal Or Help Save A Life

Page Description: Information about saving innocent animals lives by sponsoring, fostering or adopting them. In addition, find rescues across the UK & US and what pets they have available to foster, sponsor, or adopt. Plus a look at so-called dangerous dogs & overlooked shelter pets, at the suffering bad breeders and puppy farms cause, and at the fate animals advertised in free to good home adverts can so easily meet.

Volunteer For An Animal Rescue / Charity

Page Description: Being an animal volunteer at a charity or rescue is a huge help to animals in need. Charities and rescues are usually desperate for reliable volunteers. There are often many different roles available – more than many people realise, doing much more varied things. Some involve direct contact with animals, some don’t. Many of these roles are explored on his page. Have a look to see if any interest you.

Raise Awareness With activism For Everyone 

Page Description: A huge number of people do not know how badly animals are abused across the world, or even in their own country. Neither do they how each person’s choices in life cause the suffering. You can help stop animal cruelty and suffering by raising awareness of it. You can do this by spreading information (such as what you see on this site) on the web, using leaflets, flyers, posters, your voice, displaying messages on your clothing and accessories, and in other ways. See this page for more information.

Free Posters, Leaflets, Flyers To Help Spread Awareness

Page Description: Download literature for free, to help you raise awareness of animal rights issues. Many resources from many organisations fighting for animals.

Be A Hunt Saboteur

Page Description: Fox hunters seem to enjoy causing excruciating pain to foxes by ordering their dogs to chase these terrified animals until they cannot run anymore & then rip them apart, even where it is illegal. Learn on this page how to be a hunt saboteur so you can save foxes from this cruelty. Where it is illegal you can even get fox hunters prosecuted.

Create / Run An Animal Rescue Website

Page Description: A website is very important for an animal rescue or charity. Any rescue or charity without one is at a distinct disadvantage. It is likely their animals will not be re-homed as quickly, and that means there will be fewer rescue spaces available for death row animals in pounds.  You can help save many animals lives by creating for free, and/or running an animal rescue website for an animal charity or rescue in need of one. Further information is on this page.

Create / Run A Facebook Page For An Animal Rescue

Volunteers are often needed to do this and these can be in short supply. If you write about the animals and share photos and videos regularly, it is a very effective way of engaging people, gaining support, spreading awareness, and helping re-home and save more animals lives with the rescue spaces you help free up.

Be Vegan Or Vegetarian

Page Description: Among other things, this page looks at vegetarian and vegan living. Having a vegan lifestyle is the kindest thing you can do for farm animals, with being a vegetarian coming second. There are many health benefits, including a reduced risk of cancer.

Will A Legacy To Animals

Page Description: By including animal charities in your will, you will be safe in the knowledge that you will continue to help stop animal cruelty, even after you have gone. Without such legacies willed to them, animal charities and rescues cannot survive.

Support Non-Animal Testing Charities

Page Description: Many health research charities use cruel tests on animals, but there are many others that do not. Help stop animal cruelty by only supporting research charities that use alternative methods to animal testing. Find out who does and does not test on animals on this page. You may be surprised!

Avoid Supporting Animal Tourism Cruelty

Page Description: Animals involved in tourism often suffer very much. Find out how you can make sure you avoid funding the industry.

How To Help Animals Online

Page Description: This is an introduction to the many different ways you can help animals online. You can even go about your normal business and barely even notice you are helping animals at the same time!

Donate Redundant Human Tissue And Organs

Page Description: You can help reduce animal testing AND increase the safety of new medicines by helping researchers do human-specific medical research. This simply involves a donation of your redundant body tissue left over from operations/births, etc, or organs after your death.

The Cruelty Free Alternative To Animal Gifting

Page Description: Find out why charity animal gifting is cruel, and see the much better cruelty free alternative.

Direct Action

Page Description: Learn about direct action, and how animals rights groups encourage both legal and illegal methods, earning some the the label of extremists and terrorists. See how throughout history people who undertook illegal direct action in the name of other causes are now celebrated as brave heroes.

Help Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution

Page Description: Learn how to save marine animals and other wildlife from harm and death by doing your bit to stop ocean plastic pollution. 

Contact Details To Help You Fight Animal Cruelty

Page Description: Here you will find the contact details of some useful organisations that you may find helpful in your fight against animal cruelty & suffering.

Ways Site Visitors Are Helping Stop Animal Suffering

Page Description: A few examples of how visitors to this site are contributing towards stopping animal cruelty.

Animal Rights Events Calendar

You can find UK events, including many protests and animal rights groups you may be interested in, here:

Animal Rights Events

More Animal Rights Events

Image: An example of an animal rights activist event.

Many Ways To Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering The Official Animal Rights March 2019 Advertisement
The Official Animal Rights March 2019 Advertisement

If We Each Do A Little, A Lot Is Achieved

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the animal cruelty happening in the world, and helpless to change it.  I have known people to say that because they can only do a little, there’s no point in them doing anything at all. If we all had that attitude, nothing would ever change for animals. In fact, each person doing what little they can to help a cause is the only way things have been changed for the better throughout history.

Image: Think of how much power the ocean has. Although we may feel like what we each can do is a drop in the ocean, remember that together, we make up an entire ocean, with all its power.

Inspirational Quote
Inspirational Quote

An enormous amount of progress has been made in regards to the treatment of animals, only because of the large number of people each doing what they can to improve things. In doing what you can to help animals, you are a small part of a huge, powerful machine.

Image: There was a time when the majority of people thought concepts such as the abolition of slavery and votes for women were ridiculous and unrealistic ideas. The cruel exploitation of animals for human gain will one day be seen in the same way as those issues are seen today, because of people like us fighting for that to happen.

Many Ways To Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering One Struggle One Fight
One Struggle One Fight


“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

Edmund Burke

Don’t Just Get Angry – Get Active

It is natural to feel angry and upset about the animal cruelty you want to stop. Try to use those feelings to drive you on in the fight to stop the cruelty. Turn your outrage into action, because only DOING things will change things.

Many people feel overwhelmed and completely crushed by animal cruelty. Take the time to go through the emotions you need to, then after that, gather yourself up and take action.

Dwelling on how horrifically animals are treated will just weigh you down and make you less able to help animals. Keep reminding yourself of that if it comes into your mind.

Remember that inaction only helps abusers carry on causing animal suffering, unchallenged and unhindered. Share the information on this site so that other people learn how they can help animals too.

Don't Just Be Sorry, Do Something - The Animals
Don’t Just Be Sorry, Do Something – The Animals


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Ghandi

Can Absolutely Anyone Help Animals?

It does not matter what age you are, if you are an introvert or extrovert, shy or outgoing, whether you don’t have much time or energy, whether you are good with people, animals, or prefer your own company, whether you like to stay in or go out, whether you are in good health or not – there are ways to help on the list below that suit every type of person.

Image: It is easier to turn away from such a painful subject and pretend it is not happening, but that only allows animal abuse to continue.

Many Ways To Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering I haven't got time for the pain, it's not my issue
I haven’t got time for the pain, it’s not my issue

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