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There is one thing you can do that will save the largest number of innocent animals from the most horrific suffering. Not only will it save animals, but you will be saving the planet, your health, and more, at the same time.

This section of the site will show you how it is a lot easier to go vegan than you probably realise, and that there are many extremely powerful reasons for doing so.

You don’t even need to like cooking, as there are a huge number of vegan convenience foods available. Discover where to easily find all the vegan food products you will need, and all the support you will need to help you.

For instance, Challenge 22 is based on studies that have shown it takes around 21 days to break a habit. Just 22 days of trying new food doesn’t seem much of an effort compared to the horrors frightened animals are forced to endure when you eat their products instead.

If you want to save animals from suffering by being an activist, you will see what the most effective approaches are.

Many vegans and animal rights activists possess great empathy and sensitivity. They demonstrate great courage in undertaking activism. You will find advice on how to stay positive, get support, and keep your mental health in tip top condition.

Image: Save animals in their hundreds with just one lifestyle change

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Image: Vegan for the animals, the planet, the rain forest, wildlife, your health, and more.

Difference Between Vegan And Plant Based

Being vegan is different to having a plant based diet. A plant based diet is just one part of being vegan.

Being vegan is usually motivated by the ethical issue of not wanting to cause animal cruelty. Vegans are vegan in all areas of their lives, not just diet. For example, they will not buy any animal products, or products tested on animals. Veganism is a whole lifestyle and is a sincere effort to do the least harm possible to animals.

A person with a plant based diet will more likely be motivated by health reasons, or other reasons such as the environment or religion.

Some people begin their vegan journey with a plant based diet, and then gradually become vegan.

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