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We love to learn of how our website visitors use their time, skills, talents and abilities to help animals. Learn how some of our website visitors have been helping stop animal cruelty and giving help to animals in need.

If you feel inspired by these compassionate people, you can see many different ways you could help animals too, here.

Below are just a few examples of how our website visitors are showing kindness to animals.

Image: Thank you for showing kindness to animals. Source

Stop Cruelty To Animals Thank You For Helping Animals In Need
Thank You For Helping Animals In Need

Hollywood Fundraising Events With DJ Lickerish

Website visitor DJ Lickerish was upset by images of animal abuse she saw, and the suffering she heard about. It made her want to do something to help stop cruelty to animals.

The animal loving DJ performs sets in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area of California. She decided to use her skills to hold fund raising events, with all proceeds going to help stop cruelty to animals. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Many people just shake their heads and say how terrible the cruelty is, which does nothing to actually help. But DJ Lickerish, AKA Jessica Cortes, decided to actively make a difference.

Image: Big hearted website visitor DJ Lickerish decided to use her skills to raise funds to help stop cruelty to animals.


Life Saving Dog Coats

On our Knitting & Sewing For Charity page, it mentions that in some Eastern European countries the rescues are extremely poor and the winters get extremely cold. This results in many dogs dying or falling gravely ill. Veterinary care is very basic in many of these places and the rescues have hardly any public support in their own country. Many citizens seeing the street dogs as vermin. People are known to attack, torture and kill them. A website visitor called Diane saw this information and wanted to help.

Diane, from the UK, contacted us and volunteered to make the dogs warm, waterproof coats. She worked very hard so as many rescues as possible got them in time for the cold winter. This dedicated and compassionate lady made coats of wonderful quality which will surely have saved innocent dogs lives. The coats went to an organisation called Marianne’s Food Bank, a group that collects supplies for rescues and shares them among them. Both Marianne’s Food Bank and the rescues were thrilled with her coats and very thankful for them.

If you would like to help in this way, or a similar way, have a look at the Craft Ideas to Help Animals page.

Image: Some of Diane’s life saving warm and waterproof dog coats that help dogs survive the harsh Eastern European winters

Stop Cruelty To Animals Hand Made Coats Donated From Diane Smith
Hand Made Coats Donated From Diane Smith

School Projects To Spread Awareness

Many of our website visitors are young people who want to help stop cruelty to animals. Young people are the future of the world and it is heart warming to learn of their compassion. The more of these young people that spread awareness of the animal suffering that goes on, the more people will want to fight to stop it.

Michal Abraham, a young website visitor from Turkey let us know he was doing a school project about animal cruelty, using information from this website. He produced the fantastic leaflet full of facts about factory farming, below. The talented student wanted to educate his school community about the cruelty involved.

Image . Michal Abraham’s school project in Istanbul, Turkey. You can see both sides of his tri-folding leaflet below. Leaflets like this help stop cruelty to animals.

Front of leaflet

Giving Help To Animals Farm Factory Animal Cruelty Leaflet Front
Giving Help To Animals Farm Factory Animal Cruelty Leaflet Front

Back of leaflet

Stop Cruelty To Animals Farm Factory Animal Cruelty Leaflet Back
Factory Animal Cruelty Leaflet Back

You could do projects at your school or college to raise awareness of animal suffering. These could include presentations, posters, leaflets or displays. By doing them, awareness can be raised among your family, classmates and teachers. These are people who may not otherwise have known about the cruelty. On learning about it, they may want to act to stop it.

Parker’s Legacy

Website Visitor Marianne Hellon, from Cumbria in the UK, panicked when her fun loving and adventurous Boxer Dog Puppy, Parker, escaped from her garden.

As Marianne and her family frantically searched for Parker, they got news they had dreaded, that a dog had been killed nearby by a car.

Still holding on to the desperate hope that the dog involved in the accident was not their beloved Parker, sadly their worst fears were confirmed.

To add to this terrible trauma, they found that after hitting him, the callous driver had just left poor Parker on the road.

Image: Marianne’s beloved Boxer Puppy, Parker

Mariannes Beloved Boxer Puppy Parker
Mariannes Beloved Boxer Puppy Parker

Marianne was, as you can imagine, completely devastated by this traumatic event, and felt she would never be able to feel happy again.

Helping To Mend Two Broken Hearts

As she battled to heal her broken heart, she recalled that she had recently learned that there were dog rescues that specialised in specific breeds (see the List Of Rescues page). She found a Boxer Dog Rescue called Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue Liverpool, and felt that a great way to honour Parker’s memory was to help dogs that were in need. This would be Parker’s lasting legacy.

This resulted in her adopting an elderly Boxer Dog, called Jade. Jade will also have been suffering from a broken heart, due to losing the previous owners she loved and trusted.

The happiness Marianne brought to Jade by giving her a loving home, gave Marianne a reason to feel happy again. The birth of Marianne’s baby son soon after, who Jade adores, added to the family’s happiness.

Marianne told us:

It’s really nice each day to see her quirks as she becomes more confident, content, happy and trusting that she is in her forever home.  It’s also nice to know that no matter how horrible her life was before, we are able to give her a happy ending. Jade has given us so much happiness. She has not been one bit of bother and would not think twice about adopting an older dog in future.

Image: Marianne’s happy adopted Boxer dog Jade enjoying a lick of ice cream.

Stop Cruelty To Animals Marianne's Happy Adopted Boxer Dog Jade
Marianne’s Happy Adopted Boxer Dog Jade

Saving A Life

Many abandoned dogs are put to death because there are no rescue spaces available for them. There are not enough people adopting, compared to the people abandoning their pets. This is especially true of older dogs, which potential adopters often overlook. Marianne told us why older dogs, such as Jade, are so easy to look after, and how rewarding adopting an older dog is:

“Jade was already house trained, calm and well behaved. Because her personality is already fully formed, we know that she will always be that lovely dog.

She is very low maintenance and doesn’t need long walks. She also sleeps a lot due to her age, which is great if you have kids, as then you don’t feel guilty about not being able to constantly keep them all entertained. It is less exhausting too!
Jade is grateful when she is shown any kind of affection, and is so happy and content with the smallest things, like having her tummy tickled! Plus she gives you twice as much love back

Image: Marianne agrees with the sentiments of the image below. She says “Knowing I have made such a difference to Jade’s life gives me a really warm feeling and has made me feel like a nicer person. It’s one of the things I am most proud of myself for and is so rewarding”.

Give An Older Dog A Home
An Older Dog A Home

Setting A Good Example

Marianne is glad that she is also setting a good example for her baby son, and instilling good values in him, through adopting Jade:

“I want this to teach him things such as to help the less fortunate, and not to judge by looks. To some people jade may not be the prettiest of dogs, or as cute as a puppy, but to us she is beautiful.”

By adopting an abandoned dog who needed a loving home, Marianne freed up a rescue space at the rescue, meaning the rescue could save another innocent abandoned Boxer Dog from being put to death.

Helping Animals In Other Ways

Adopting Jade is not the only way Marianne has helped animals in need since the tragic loss of Parker. As she learned more about the plight of so many animals in need, she put her Facebook page to good use. She spread the word of dogs in need of homes or rescue spaces, and of lost dogs.

In addition, she regularly has a clear out of items she feels she can do without, and donates them to auctions and sales run in aid of animal rescues. Many of these auctions and sales can be found here. She also donates items to animal charity shops.

From Jade To Casey

After making sure Jade spent the remainder of her life feeling loved and secure in their home, Marianne and her family have gone on to adopt another Boxer dog from Northern Rose Boxer Rescue. The dog, Casey, is another lucky dog to get such a loving home.

Image: Casey, another dog Marianne and her family adopted from an animal rescue.

Stop Cruelty To Animals Marianne's Adopted Dog Casey
Marianne’s Adopted Dog Casey

One thing is for sure, little Parker has a lot to be proud of his Mum for.

Humane Pest Repellent, Not Cruel Methods

A friend of mine had an ant problem in her house and wanted to get rid of them, but avoid causing suffering to them.

Many people kill animals they consider to be pests, but probably do not realise the pain and suffering caused to them by doing that. Just think about how people look like “ants” from a great height, like a plane. Just because they look small from there, does not mean they don’t experience pain. We should be intelligent enough to realise that we cannot assume that insects do not feel pain, fear, and distress. In fact many scientific studies have concluded that they do.

Another problem with killing them is that if you use chemicals to do so, they are harmful to you and your pets too. In addition, when birds and other wildlife eat the poisoned insects, they are harmed by the poison. Also, killing the animals considered pests usually does not prevent more coming.

These “pests” are just going about their business, trying to survive, and do not know they are annoying people. A humane, chemical free and cruelty free way of repelling them to prevent the problem occurring in the first place is the perfect solution for all involved.

Image: Show kindness to animals by using humane pest control. Source

Prevent Suffering By Using Humane Pest Control
Prevent Suffering By Using Humane Pest Control

Putting Natural Methods To the Test

I mentioned to my friend that we ourselves had problems year after year with ants invading our kitchen. I told her of all advice we followed about keeping the kitchen free of crumbs and spillages, putting talc/baby powder around the edges of the room, and tried spraying essential lavender oil or peppermint oil, diluted with water, all around the room and the areas they entered (but not directly on them). We even put trails of food for them leading away from the house and tried various other methods.

The talc was an immediate failure, as they just walked through it, and the peppermint oil made my eyes sting and water every time I walked into the kitchen. Some of the other methods seemed to have little or no effect. We continued to use the lavender oil and food trails going away from the house, and those seemed to help…at least it did for one year.

The next year the ants were back and those measures did not deter them.  We were back to gently scooping them all up and putting them out the window. This took A LOT of time!

Considering Plug In Repellers

That’s what had made me decide to look into the plug in pest repellers I had heard about. I looked on Amazon because I wanted to read all the reviews given about different brands and products. Because the reviews could vary so much from one person to another, I was very unsure about buying one.

Through doing research, I learned that the best ones had both ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology, and would vary their patterns so that the unwanted visitors did not get used it.

I was made even more unsure about buying one when I read that there is no conclusive scientific proof that these gadgets work. When I finally decided on which one to buy, I was half thinking I was wasting my money. However, it turned out to be one of the best things I ever bought! Within DAYS the majority of the ants had gone! For a period of time, the odd one would wander in now and again, but since then, absolutely nothing.

Success The Humane Way

There hasn’t been a single ant in the kitchen for a couple of years, and it is now ant season again. We still see lots of them outside the house, but they don’t come in anymore. We still do give them food leading away from the house though, just to make sure. I want more people to know about these plug in insect repellers so that it can be a happy, cruelty free ending for the ants, for pets, and for the people. This is the one I bought, which I searched to find the best price for.

My friend took my advice and bought the same one, and is delighted with the results as well.

Stop Cruelty To Animals Hoont Cruelty Free Repeller
Hoont Cruelty Free Repeller

What Do I Do Myself To Help Stop Cruelty To Animals?

If you would like to see what I myself do to help stop cruelty to animals, please see the About page.

Want To Know How To Effectively Spread the Word?

Do you want to make the world a kinder place by helping stop cruelty to animals?

Spreading the animal rights message can be very emotionally draining and distressing. Have a look on this page to find out how to be an effective advocate for animals, whilst making sure you keep your mind healthy and happy. You can find more ways to spread awareness here.

Many Other Ways To Help Stop Animal Suffering

On this site there are many varied ways you can help animals. In fact, there are so many different ways that there is something for every personality type, no matter what their circumstances.

If you would like to learn more about why we so urgently need to help stop cruelty to animals, please see this website. It will allow you to broaden your knowledge of many different types of world wide animal abuse, giving you the ability to help animals by spreading awareness and answering questions people may have. Please be aware that you may find the information distressing.

One great way to help animals is to share the information you have seen on this website. Doing so means more people could help stop animal cruelty, and that would make you responsible for more animals being saved from suffering. Together we can help people help animals <3 

Image: Animals need you to help stop animal cruelty and suffering. Source

We Need You To Stop Animal Cruelty
Need You To Stop Animal Cruelty

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