MWTHA Blog: Help Animal Victims of Australian Fires

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It has been hard to know what the number of animals killed so far in the Australian fires is, but HALF A BILLION has been estimated, according to sydney.edu.au. A huge number of additional animals are injured. The numbers are overwhelming animal refuges.

Even after the fires have eventually subsided, animals will die due to habitat destruction, food and water shortages. There is also an extinction crisis happening.

How Can I Help?

Many animal lovers have been reduced to tears at seeing the suffering of the animals in Australia. The feeling of helplessness is immense, but do not feel helpless any more, as there are a number of ways you can help. One way is making a financial contribution, and although this is very much in need, it is not the only way you can help. Read on to find out the different ways you can make a difference.

Help Combat Climate Change

Human-caused climate change affects the fires, making them much worse. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (and most other world experts), human-caused climate change lengthens the Australian fires season, and fuels the blazes. This is catastrophic for animals.

An important thing to stop the Australian bush fires getting worse every year, is to look at how you can help combat climate change. You can recycle, drive an electric car, stop using disposable products, stop taking flights, install solar panels, etc, but there is one thing you can do that has more effect than all those things together: stop supporting animal agriculture.

Image: Of course the Australia fires causing such catastrophic suffering to animals is just one way climate change is causing terrible animal suffering…

Animal agriculture is more harmful to the planet than all the transport in the world put together – including all the flights. It is one of the top two causes of climate change, the other being fossil fuels.

By stopping funding animal farming by going vegan, you will be helping animals by:

  • No longer be responsible for causing unimaginable suffering of animals that experience emotions and pain similar to dogs, and even three-year-old children (proven in studies)
  • No longer be responsible for contributing to climate change, and as a result, no longer worsening natural disasters like the Australian fires.

You may think that you cannot do much as just one person, but going vegan is the single most effective change you can make to help combat climate change and help animals. You can find lots of help and support regarding going vegan here. If not for animals or the planet, do it for your health.

Droughts are another result of climate change. South Australia is badly drought hit, so they are culling over 10,000 camels because they drink too much water. They are also being culled because they produce too much methane, even though it is a fraction of the methane produced and water used by the animal agriculture industry.

Use Environmentally Friendly Energy Companies

Another way to avoid funding the animal agriculture industry is to get your energy from planet friendly companies, such as Ecotricity. While the other energy companies use products from animal agriculture in their production of energy, Ecotricity is the only one who has confirmed it does not. The company will even donate ÂŁ50 to the SydandKyd Vegan Power campaign, if you sign up, here.

Craft To Help Australian Animals

If you enjoy crafting, did you know you can use your skill to help animals, including Australian animals who are particularly in need at the moment?

There are groups to join, some specifically to help the Australian animals. Have a look here to see how you can help.

You Can Donate Funds…

WIRES is an emergency fund for wildlife who is involved in the rescuing of animals affected by the Australian bush fires. You can donate to them on the WIRES website, or on the WIRES Facebook page. You can also donate to WIRES via PayPal.

The RSPCA need donations to help them rescue and evacuate threatened animals, as well as assist at evacuation centres. They will also use donations to treat injured animals and pets. You can make a donation to the RSPCA NSW here.

The World Wildlife Fund, will use donations to help restore the “Koala Triangle,” a portion of Australia’s east coast hit hardest by the fires.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is installing koala water stations in burnt areas to prevent animals dying from dehydration. They are also establishing the world’s first wild koala breeding program. You can donate to their GoFundMe here.

IFAW, The International Fund for Animal Welfare reports that they are in dire need of support to help the animals. You can donate to IFAW here.

If You Prefer To Donate Supplies…

Rather than cash, some people prefer to donate supplies. The Rescue Collective, a group based in Brisbane, allows you to do this. You can buy supplies online and have them delivered to where it is needed. The Rescue Collective needs food, medical supplies, bedding and more. Just have a look on their current wish list on Facebook.

Thank you for caring enough about animals to read this blog. To find out many ways you can help animals, have a look at the website ManyWaysToHelpAnimals.com

MWTHA Blog: The Heroes Saving Animals And the Planet – Could You Be One Too?

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January’s Heroes

This month, 350,000 people are expected to go vegan. These are the heroes that are saving both animals and the planet. In most cases, they are also saving their health.

Environmental researcher, Joseph Poore, calculated that the people expected to go plant based this month will prevent 41,200 tonnes of C02 entering the atmosphere. That is equivalent to 450,000 flights from London to Berlin.

As for animals, a million will be saved from being put through the horror of slaughter, and many will be saved the suffering of being factory farmed. Studies have found that farm animals experience similar emotions to dogs, and in many cases, similar to three year old children. It therefore cannot be seen as OK to put them through suchj unimaginable horrors that we would never put children or dogs through.

Could you be one of the heroes saving animals and the planet for your children, and their children? There is no shortage of help and support online, which you will see by reading on. If you are concerned about missing out on certain vitamins and nutrients, experts explode those myths. And don’t think you have to be able to cook, because there are an enormous number of vegan convenience foods now available from supermarkets and other food outlets.

You can even calculate how much you will be helping animals and the environment with this vegan calculator.


Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. During the 2019 campaign, more than a quarter of a million people took the pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 500 brands, restaurants and supermarkets promoted the campaign, and launched more than 200 new vegan products and menus in the UK market alone. 2020 is set to have an even bigger response.

Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering and improving the health of millions of people. And with lots of delicious food to try, there really is no down side to it.

You can find helpful tips, easy meal plans and delicious recipes, plus more on the Veganuary website.

You can sign up at uk.veganuary.com/ or veganuary.com/register/

Challenge 22

With Challenge 22 you get to try going vegan for 22 days with a group of people just like you.

You will enter a friendly and supportive environment, have your own personal mentor, plus an experienced team that is is available around the clock.

Wondering what to eat before a workout? How to get enough iron or protein? Or how a vegan diet can work with your health needs? Certified clinical dietitians respond to health topics in the special Challenge 22 Facebook group you join.

Every day, you’ll get recipes, tips, videos and lots of motivation!

If you have questions about it, have a look at the Challenge 22 FAQ

PCRM 21 Day Vegan Kick Start

With the Physicians Committee’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, receive meal plans, recipes, and advice from nutrition experts.

The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart is supported by decades of research showing that a plant-based diet can help you reach a healthy weight and lower your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases. You will get low-fat plant-based recipes that have been developed by chefs, dietitians, and experts in vegan cuisine.

It is called “Kickstart” because within 21 days you will start to feel the difference, and that will make you want to stick with it. In 21 days you can break old habits and start healthy new ones. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart provides you with all the tools you need to do that.

Going vegan is not only great for your health, but you are saving the planet for future generations, and saving many innocent animals from unimaginable suffering.

The free, evidence-based 21-Day Kickstart has everything you need to get started on a plant-based diet: meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, daily videos, nutrition tips, cooking demonstrations, and more.

More than half a million participants have already completed the program, so there are thousands of other Kickstarters that will support you.

The website is available in both English and Spanish. The mobile app “21-Day Vegan Kickstart” is free and available to download on both iTunes and Google Play.

Other Useful Information And Support

The websites above are just a few of the places you can find support to begin your vegan journey. There are many more sources of support and help, plus eye opening information, here.

Among many other resources, you will discover a website which tells you which alcoholic drinks are vegan, and if you want to avoid cooking at all costs, you can discover the large number of vegan convenience food products in the supermarkets.

MWTHA Blog: Do You Care If Your Christmas Shopping Hurts Animals & The Environment?

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Today I learned that House Of Fraser Department store is selling real fur. People have been flocking to their Facebook page to express their disgust and to tell them they are boycotting HoF because of it.

If anyone doesn’t know how cruel the fur industry is, have a look at this. In short, it includes animals being slammed against the ground, being skinned alive and fully conscious, even surviving in agony for a few minutes after being fully skinned. They are kept in deplorably cruel conditions before that.

Retailers choosing to sell real fur, when it is so cruel and there is such good faux fur available, seems incredible in this day and age. It gives the impression that HoF is out of touch with consumers, who are becoming more and more conscientious about shopping ethically, especially regarding animals and the environment.

If you are one of those consumers who is becoming more ethical in their choices, you can find a guide to ethical shopping for animal lovers, here. It will help you make sure your Christmas shopping will not be funding animal suffering, and could even help in the fight to stop it.

You can also help make your shopping have a much, much smaller carbon footprint if you avoid animal products, which is easier than ever before. You can find lots of products available, where to get them, and see the top picks, here. You can get chocolate, sweets and even all the parts of a traditional Christmas dinner. After all, avoiding animal products is the single best thing you can do for animals and the environment.

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