MWTHA Blog: Do You Care If Your Christmas Shopping Hurts Animals & The Environment?

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Today I learned that House Of Fraser Department store is selling real fur. People have been flocking to their Facebook page to express their disgust and to tell them they are boycotting HoF because of it.

If anyone doesn’t know how cruel the fur industry is, have a look at this. In short, it includes animals being slammed against the ground, being skinned alive and fully conscious, even surviving in agony for a few minutes after being fully skinned. They are kept in deplorably cruel conditions before that.

Retailers choosing to sell real fur, when it is so cruel and there is such good faux fur available, seems incredible in this day and age. It gives the impression that HoF is out of touch with consumers, who are becoming more and more conscientious about shopping ethically, especially regarding animals and the environment.

If you are one of those consumers who is becoming more ethical in their choices, you can find a guide to ethical shopping for animal lovers, here. It will help you make sure your Christmas shopping will not be funding animal suffering, and could even help in the fight to stop it.

You can also help make your shopping have a much, much smaller carbon footprint if you avoid animal products, which is easier than ever before. You can find lots of products available, where to get them, and see the top picks, here. You can get chocolate, sweets and even all the parts of a traditional Christmas dinner. After all, avoiding animal products is the single best thing you can do for animals and the environment.

MWTHA Blog: The Problems With Animal Gifting

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My parents gave all their children one year a charity gift as a Christmas present. My parents know I love animals, and so they wanted to give me something animal related. By their logic, they decided I’d appreciate giving a poor family a goat. I could have cried.

What are the problems with Animal Gifting?

First of all, the animal is often shipped overseas on long and stressful journeys. Below is a cow being lifted off a boat in a net.

There is something for every personality, no matter what their circumstances

secondly, the families animals are given to are poor, so poor they can barely afford to feed themselves. The animal often suffers terribly, going without necessary veterinary intervention to bring it relief. Veterinary treatment is simply too expensive. The recipients even often suffer to give even the most basic care to the animal. The animals also suffer hunger and a farm animal is another mouth to feed. They do not just live off the land.

When the family cannot afford to keep them, and if they do not die of disease, they meet a horrific end, having their neck sawed open with a blunt knife, while the terrified animal struggles to try to escape.

There are many more problems with animal gifting, including creating more problems for the recipients themselves, not just the animal. There are much better alternatives, such as crop gifting. This is much kinder and more sustainable. Find out about more of the problems of animal gifting, an see the solutions, here. Also see what you can do to stop it.