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Visiting ‘click to give’ websites is one way of earning money or food and supplies for animal charities FOR FREE. There are also games that give, ranging from online video games, to the Animal Sanctuary Lottery.

In addition, there are other online activities where you can earn free money for animal causes. Plus you can have a go at answering questions to earn pet food and cat litter for shelter animals.

You can also nominate animal rescues for monetary prizes. And on top of that, there are apps that give back, where using them earns funds for animal charities. Read on to see how to do all these things.

Another way you can help raise money for animals for free, is by using fund raising charity search engines whenever you search the internet. For more information about that, have a look here.

Image: Visit ‘Click To Give’ websites, or play free games that donate, to raise money to help animals at no cost to yourself. Image Source

C2G Websites
Visit Click To Give Websites

What Are Click-To-Give Websites?

These are websites where you can earn money for charity for free, simply by clicking on a designated button, picture or icon on the site. The money comes from advertisers who pay to put adverts on the sites. There is no cost to you.

There is usually a limit of one click a day per computer counted on each of these sites. If you book-mark this page, or mark it as a favourite, you will be able to easily retrieve the list of websites in the sections below.

Image: Bookmark this page so you have quick access to the list of click to give sites and games that give. Image Source

Keep Calm And Bookmark This Page
Keep Calm And Bookmark This Page

Click-To-Give Sites To Visit

Simply click the designated place on the sites listed below to raise money for animals in need, for FREE. Usually only one click a day on each icon is counted.

Image: Remember to bookmark this page so you can easily keep coming back daily to do your clicking. Image Source

Keep Coming Back
Keep Coming Back

Animal Rescue Site – Click To Donate free

Barking Mad – Donate A Click

Click For Cats, Dogs, Horses And More

Click To Feed Big Cats – Big Cat rescue

Vote To Earn Cat Litter (clicking to help shelters reach goals means they all get litter)

Click For Cats

The Rainforest Site Click To Give (each click saves over 20 square feet of animal habitat!)

The Greater Good (supports animal causes, among others)

Donate A Click To The Ecology Fund

Plus find many more Daily Click To Give sites where you can help animals for free, here.

For more online ways to help animals for free, scroll down to see, in particular, the “Answer a Question” section, the “WebAction” section, and the “Apps That Give Back” section.

You can also make every search you do on the internet help animals by using a Charity Search Engine to do your searches.

Image: Click every day to help animals for free. Image Source

Click Everyday To Help Animals
Click Everyday To Help Animals

Answer A Question To Help Animals

Answer a trivia question and you will earn food and cat litter for shelter pets – whether you get the answer correct not, and all for free!

At the links below, you can answer questions to earn dog food, cat food, and earn cat litter. Below that is a link where you can answer a question to help rid the ocean of plastic, helping marine life.
You can answer each of these questions once a day.

The food you will earn for shelter pets is vegan (correct as of Feb 2017) as Halo is the sponsor. They also donate food to shelter pets with every purchase of their products.

Image: When Halo sponsors the Free Kibble site, you can help animals, without other animals being sacrificed. Image Source

Halo Sponsors The Free Kibble Site
Halo Sponsors The Free Kibble Site

Free Kibble – Earn Food For Shelter Dogs

Free Kibble-Kat – Earn Food For Shelter Cats

Earn Cat Litter For Shelter Cats

Image Source

Click To Give Sites Games That Give And Apps That Earn Free Kibble Logo
Free Kibble Logo

Rid The Ocean of Plastic for Marine Animals

Nominate An Animal Charity To Win Money


Ecclesiastical are an insurance company that have a £1m giving programme called Movement For Good. They give £1,000 donations to 500 charities and £50,000 grants to 10 charities. Animal charities have been included in the winners, but they need to be nominated to be in with a chance.

Rather than the way the winners are picked just being chance, or by the number of votes they get from the public, they are picked by a panel of judges.

My Giving Circle

My Giving Circle give monetary grants to charities, not-for-profits and community groups. This includes animal causes. They give out a sum total of tens of thousands of dollars each year. There are several rounds of voting throughout the year.

Causes can register for free, then you can vote for them once a week. You can sign up to get reminders of when to vote. You can vote for up to three charities each time.

By donating to the charities, you will get them extra votes. If you chip in a few dollars, the charity will get “featured” to get them more votes and so more people learn about the charity. Their fees are between 0 and 6.5% of funds collected. Their website states that is to maintain and improve the website for the benefit of all.

Animal Photo Contests

You may sometimes see animal rescues on social media asking you to vote for a photo of one of their animals they have submitted to websites such as Petvote or Kingpet. There is a monetary grand prize, and sometimes smaller amounts awarded as well.

One vote is free, and after a certain amount of time has lapsed, you are allowed another free vote, and so on. You can sign up to get reminders of when you are allowed to vote again each time. You are able to pay for more votes, but giving money directly to the animal charity may be better than buying votes.

Animal Webaction – Food And Supplies For Rescues

Animal Webaction is a site where donors race against the clock to get enough votes to donate enough food or supplies for an animal rescue, before the time is up.

If the target is met, the food or supplies are delivered to the rescue. If not, the collection fails. You can choose to send a small donation of the food or supplies for free, but there is also an opportunity to pay to send more.

Paid donations from a failed collection are reimbursed to the donor. Free gifts are placed in reserve before being reassigned to other collections: you never click for nothing

You can select to send a small amount of food and other supplies. The food you can send is for dogs, cats or horses. The supplies are blankets and housing. With the food, you can select the option to send 1g of food for free. With blankets and housing, measurements are used.

Animal Webaction conducts a telephone interview with the rescues it helps, and an agent visits the rescue.

You get a free click for each category. You cannot click again for a set amount of time. If you sign up, the site will send you reminders of when you can click for free again. There can also be a bonus question, where if you answer it correctly, you send a little more.

Play Animal Lotteries

Although they are not free, a lottery is a low cost game to play, where you help animals and could win a big cash prize.
Find out more information about animal charity lotteries here.

Fund Raise For Animals By Playing Games That Give

Games Where In App Purchases Donate To Animal Charities:

World Of The Wild:

My Green World gives players the opportunity to become involved in every aspect of rescuing in their game, World Of The Wild, rehabilitating and releasing animals from all over the world. Players create their own world, unlock new and endangered animals to save, watch once – sick animals grow and thrive and climb trees, and help save animals and conserve environment in real life.

Apps That Give Back

Here are some great apps you can use to raise money for the animal charity of your choice. Some apps may currently only be available in certain countries.

Walk For A Dog

WoofTrax’ Walk for a Dog (Android and iOS in certain regions) app lets you raise money for free for your favorite animal organisation while you walk your dog, although you do not actually need a dog to use this app (see below). Choose the charity of your choice, or if you don’t want to choose, the app will automatically choose an animal shelter or rescue group near you. Sign up for an account, add in your dog’s information, and start walking. The app is funded by ads and sponsors, and the longer you walk, the more money you’ll raise for your charity.

Click To Give Sites Games That Give And Apps That Earn Wooftrax Walk For A Dog App
Wooftrax Walk For A Dog App

To get started: Submit your name and email address, then confirm your email address by clicking on a link sent to that address. The app will then ask you to add your dog/dogs. However, you don’t actually need a dog to use the app, as you can choose “Walk for Cassie” or add a fake dog’s info. Hit “Start Walking,” and the app will track your steps, distance, and map your walk using GPS. iPhone users can use the app on a treadmill or stationary bike, but Android users will need to get outside for the app to work.

Charity Miles

Make your workouts count with Charity Miles (Android and iOS), a free app that rewards the animal charity you choose for every mile you walk, run or bike. Charity Miles is sort of like a walk/run/bike-a-thon, a little bit like virtually doing a mass participation event. Corporate sponsors pledge up to $0.25 for each mile you log in the app. The app features 37 participating charities.

Click To Give Sites Games That Give And Apps That Earn Charity Miles App
Charity Miles App

To get started: Download and install the app and sign up for a Charity Miles account. Before each workout, open the app and pick the charity you want to help. Select the type of activity you’re doing (outdoor walking/running, indoor walking/running, or outdoor cycling) and start your workout. The app uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to detect movement and measure distance. When you’re finished, hit the stop button and the corporate sponsor for that charity will donate $0.10 per mile biked or $0.25 per mile walked or run.

Give 2 Charity

Give 2 Charity (Android and iOS) is a free app that asks for information in exchange for points that can be applied toward charitable donations. This app isn’t for everyone, as it constantly tracks your smartphone’s location data in the background and gives you points when you go places. If you don’t mind being tracked, it’s an easy way to give back.

Give 2 Charity App
Give 2 Charity App

To get started: Download and install the app and sign up for an account. You will need to give the app permission to access your background location data. You’ll then earn points for as long as the app is installed on your device and it has access to your location. You can earn extra points by completing surveys and sharing the app with friends. You can redeem these points for donations to the animal charities of your choice.

Why Do Animals Need Our Help?

If you would like to learn more about why we so urgently need to help stop animal cruelty and suffering, please have a look, here. This section will allow you to broaden your knowledge of many different types of animal abuse that happens in the world. Please be aware that you may find it distressing.

Many Other Ways You Can Help Animals

Here are more ways to earn and raise funds to help animals in need.

Our website is all about many different ways to help animals. You can find a large and varied choice of ways to help stop the suffering. There is something to suit everyone – see what would suit you.

Click To Give Sites Games That Give And Apps That Earn Be A Warrior For Animals
Be A Warrior For Animals

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