MWTHA Blog: Earn FREE MONEY For Animal Charities Whilst Doing Your Normal Christmas Shopping!

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On the run up to Christmas people spend like mad on Christmas presents. A lot of the spending is through retailers online. Did you know that you can earn money for free for animal charities, while doing your normal online shopping?

All you have to do is start off your shopping trip at a charity fundraising website. Many, many online retailers are registered with these fundraising websites, including most chain stores. So, once you’ve signed up with the fundraising websites and decided which animal charity you would like to raise money for, all you do is click on the retailer you want to shop at. You will be taken to that retailer’s site and then you simply do your shopping as normal. It does not cost you anything extra.

Shop Through Fundraising Sites Retailers Listed On Fundraising Shopping Websites 1
Retailers Listed On Fundraising Shopping Websites 1

You will be able to see how much you raise in your account on the fundraising site. If the animal charity is not yet registered with the fundraising sites, ask them to register.

Have a look at the charity fundraising sites that are available. Don’t miss the chance to earn free money to help animals.

If you would like 100% of the money you spend on gifts to help animal rescues, there are auctions and sales run on Facebook where that happens. You can see them all here.

And to earn even more money for animal rescues while shopping online, you can do it all through a charity search engine. <3

MWTHA Blog: The Problems With Animal Gifting

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My parents gave all their children one year a charity gift as a Christmas present. My parents know I love animals, and so they wanted to give me something animal related. By their logic, they decided I’d appreciate giving a poor family a goat. I could have cried.

What are the problems with Animal Gifting?

First of all, the animal is often shipped overseas on long and stressful journeys. Below is a cow being lifted off a boat in a net.

There is something for every personality, no matter what their circumstances

secondly, the families animals are given to are poor, so poor they can barely afford to feed themselves. The animal often suffers terribly, going without necessary veterinary intervention to bring it relief. Veterinary treatment is simply too expensive. The recipients even often suffer to give even the most basic care to the animal. The animals also suffer hunger and a farm animal is another mouth to feed. They do not just live off the land.

When the family cannot afford to keep them, and if they do not die of disease, they meet a horrific end, having their neck sawed open with a blunt knife, while the terrified animal struggles to try to escape.

There are many more problems with animal gifting, including creating more problems for the recipients themselves, not just the animal. There are much better alternatives, such as crop gifting. This is much kinder and more sustainable. Find out about more of the problems of animal gifting, an see the solutions, here. Also see what you can do to stop it.

MWTHA Blog: Donations Used For Animal Experiments

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Will Your Christmas Charity Donations Be Used To Torture Animals?

At Christmas time, many people give charity gifts to each other as presents. This is where someone donates to charity on behalf of someone else. The recipient often receives a card or certificate from the charity stating what the charity donation has enabled the charity to do.

For instance, with animal charities, it may be to sponsor an animal for a year, or to spay or neuter an animal or two.

There are many charities, however, that use charity donations to torture animals in horrifically cruel lab experiments. Of course, they never publicise that fact. Luckily, there are places where you can find out which charities do this. You can even find alternative charities to donate to, that work in the same field, but do so humanely and do not fund animal torture.

Victims of Charity Logo
Victims of Charity Logo

Animal experiments are an out dated and unreliable way to further human medical treatments. In fact, it is a dangerous way. Humans have died, suffered life changing problems, and suffered terrible deformities as a result of scientists relying on animal research. A cure for cancer in mice and rats was found decades ago, but human bodies react differently to treatment to animals. Humane methods have been shown to be much more accurate. Despite this, millions and millions of lab animals are abused and killed every year in medical research.

Have a look and check your Christmas present of a charity gift will not be used to fund animal torture, and see what alternative charity you could donate to in the same field instead.