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Most of us need to buy greetings cards and gifts for people from time to time, as well as other items. If you buy these items direct from animal charities and rescues through their online charity shops, they usually get all, or most, of the money from your purchase.

On this page, you will find a list of online animal charity shops, as well as auctions and sales. From them, you can buy fundraising charity gifts, cards, merchandise, and other items.

You can get the fantastic gifts you need, and help animals at the same time! It is a much better option than just making rich businesses richer.

A huge amount of money is spent by the public on greetings cards and gifts every year. If people bought charity cards and charity gifts direct from animal charities instead, an enormous number of animals could be saved from suffering.

Since charity gifts and cards sold in regular stores often only give a tiny percentage of each sale to charity, it is much better to buy direct from animal charities themselves.

Many animal charities also run fundraising auctions and sales on social media sites, where 100% of the money goes to them.

Our own fundraising store also has a range of greetings cards, gifts, and other items.

Choose the options in the table of contents box that you are interested in reading more about.

Image: Just a few of the gifts in our fundraising store, sold to help animals.

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops Just a Few of the Gifts in Our Fundraising Store
Just a Few of the Gifts in Our Fundraising Store

Collect Charity Gifts For People

All year round I visit animal charity shops, both in the high street and online. When I see suitable gifts for people, I buy them and keep them until they are needed. I do the same using online auctions and ”Buy It Now” sales, run by animal rescues on Facebook. I also sometimes find items on eBay sold in aid of animal charities.

Image: A collection of new and used items from animal charity shops, and online animal rescue sales and auctions, to give as gifts.

Collection of New and Used Items From Animal Charity Shops
Collection of New and Used Items From Animal Charity Shops

This means I have everyone’s presents ready when Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions come around. I find it a joy to do, because I know the money has all gone to help animals.

I always tell the recipient of the gift that the best thing about their present is that the money went towards helping animals in need. They seem happy with that.

Image: Animal charity shop

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops Animal Charity Shop
Animal Charity shop

Never A Waste When It Helps Animals

If you buy a charity gift or card for someone and they don’t like it, it still could never be considered a waste of money, because 1) The money it cost helped stop animal abuse and suffering 2) The gift can be donated to an animal rescue or charity so it can make money to help animals for a second time. So in that respect, you could even say it is good if it’s unwanted!

People sometimes feel guilty about donating unwanted gifts to charity, as they feel that it seems ungrateful. I suffer that feeling too, but at the same time, I think that the greatest gift that can be given to me is to know that animals are being saved from cruelty, and by donating gifts I receive to animal charities, that can happen. And Anyway, not donating these items leads to the worst thing that can happen to unwanted gifts: they languish in cupboards or drawers, eventually becoming unusable and worthless.

Image: Don’t let your unwanted gifts degrade in the back of a cupboard or drawer, when they could save animals from cruelty and suffering.

Donate Unwanted Gifts
Donate Unwanted Gifts

Donate Rather Than Waste

Prevent your unwanted gifts facing the terrible fate of ending up as no use to anyone, and donate them before they get to that point! The better condition they are in when you donate them, the more money they will sell for, meaning the more good they will be able to do for animals. Another benefit is that your house will be less cluttered.

See the Donate Stuff page for how you can de-clutter your home and help save animals from suffering at the same time.

If everybody who has unwanted gifts in their homes donated them to help animals, an enormous number of innocent animals could be saved from abuse and suffering. See what you have got that could help.

You could donate your unwanted presents to animal charities for them to sell or fund raise with, or to one of the online auctions or sales on Facebook which benefit animal rescues.

Image: An animal charity using donated unwanted gifts as tombola prizes on a fundraising stall.

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops Animal Charity Using Donated Unwanted Gift as Tombola Prizes
Animal Charity Using Donated Unwanted Gift as Tombola Prizes

Do Not Be Mislead By Charity Gifts

There are posts circulating on social media that typically show T-shirts or accessories for sale that display slogans which appeal to those passionate about animal rescue and stopping animal cruelty. Such posts are happy to give the impression that the sale of their products helps animals in need. However, if you look further into it, they often do not actually say that, and, in many cases, none of the money goes to animal charities or rescues.

Even if their information says things such as “help animals by wearing this t-shirt”, it does not necessarily mean that any money from the sale of it helps animals. They could just say that they meant raising awareness by wearing the t-shirt might help animals.

If you cannot find anything about exactly how much goes towards helping animals, it is likely it is a minute amount, if anything at all.

Image: An example of a T-shirt that may give the impression some of the money goes to help animals.

Example of Merchandise That Gives The Impression Money Goes To Help Animals
Example of Merchandise That Gives The Impression Money Goes To Help Animals

Beware Of Charity Gifts And Cards In Regular Stores

In supermarkets and high street shops, products can claim to be charity products even if they donate only a small fraction of each sale to charity. This happens a lot with Christmas and holiday cards, but also with many other products.

Companies make their items fund raising products as a marketing strategy. It is good PR for the company and it boosts sales of their product, making them more money overall. However, it is true that large amounts of money can be made for charity if enough of the product is sold.

Image: The Charities Advisory table showing the highest and lowest contributions made by high street store charity cards sold in October 2010. 

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops The Charity Advisory Table
The Charity Advisory Table

The charity receives far more money per item when you purchase charity gifts and cards direct from the charities themselves – often 100%.

To visit online animal charity shops, select “List Of Online Animal Charity Shops” in the table of contents box at the top of this page. You may also like the Auctions and Sales section.

What Are Charity Admin Costs?

Administrative costs are how much it costs to run the charity. This includes things such as fundraising costs, advertising costs, and any staff costs.

Without the charity using some funds to generate more, virtually no funds would be raised. The organisation must, however, try to spend the minimum to get the maximum return.

You can find out the admin costs of charities in England and Wales, as well as other information about them, through The Charity Commission.Requiring charities to provide their financial information is necessary to try to prevent dishonesty and bad management within charities.

Image: By UK law, charities are required to provide their financial information to The Charity Commission. 

The Charity Commission Logo
The Charity Commission Logo

Many of the online animal charity shops listed on this page are staffed by volunteers, so no money from the sale of items goes towards paying staff. In others, differing portions of funds will go to the people staffing the shop (admin costs).

Many animal charities run their own online charity shops. Others out-source to companies who do it for them. This is a service the charities are charged for, and they do this to cut down on their own admin costs.

The vast majority of the auctions and sales for animals that I know about, run on Facebook, are managed by volunteers, and 100% of the money made goes to the animal charity.

Where Can I Buy Charity Gifts And Cards?

High Street Animal Charity Shops:

Animal charity shops on the UK high street often have their own range of brand new merchandise, and are a good place to buy charity gifts and charity cards.

Image: High Street animal charity shop, the PDSA, which stocks a mixture of new and used items.

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops PDSA Animal Charity Shop
PDSA Animal Charity Shop

Online Animal Charity Stores:

You can find charity gifts and charity cards in the fundraising stores of animal charity websites. Select “List of Online Animal Charity Shops” in the table of contents box at the top of this page.

Image: Some examples of the kind of new items you might find in animal charity website fundraising gift shops.

Charity Gift Examples
Charity Gift Examples

Social Media Auctions & Sales For Animals:

Auctions and sales in aid of animals, held on social media sites, are a good place to buy charity gifts and cards. There are new items, hand crafted items, and pre-loved items that people have donated. To see them, select “Animal Charity Auctions And Sales” from the table of contents box at the top of this page.

See the Donate Stuff page for how you can help animals by donating items.

Ebay For Charity:

Some animal charities sell items through eBay For Charity, and charity gifts and cards can be found. Anyone can buy or sell new or used items In aid of animal charities this way. See here for how.

Image: eBay For Charity

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops eBay For Charity
eBay For Charity

Our Fundraising Store:

You can buy gifts and cards in our fundraising store. There, you can choose from a large number of greetings cards, as well as many unique gifts and hand made items. 25% of the net profits go to help animal rescues and charities put an end of animal cruelty.

Image: Items in our fundraising store

Items in Our Fundraising Store
Items in Our Fundraising Store

Want Charity Gifts Not Tested On Animals Only?

If you want to make sure you do not buy products owned by companies that fund animal testing or support animal cruelty, the Cruelty-Free Shopping page can help.

Image: Say no to animal testing

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops Say No to Animal Testing
Say No to Animal Testing

List Of Online Animal Charity Shops

You will find a good choice of animal charity gifts, greetings cards, and merchandise, for yourself or others, at the online animal charity stores below. Some ship worldwide.

Remember, your money is never wasted when it is helping to save animals from cruelty and suffering.

Online Animal Charity Shops:


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Store

Animal Aid Online Gift & Merchandise Shop
All products in the Animal Aid shop are vegan, fair trade, contain no animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. Amongst other items, the Shop sells chocolates & confectionery, wine, cruelty-free perfumes, toiletries, and household cleaners. they are not a registered charity, but fund raise to help stop animal suffering.

Animal Helpline Merchandise & Gift Shop

The Animal Rescue Site Online Gift & Merchandise Shop
Not sure exactly how much from each product goes to help animals in this shop

Animals Asia Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Aspinall Foundation (Animal Conservation Shop)


Blue Cross Online Animal Gift & Merchandise Shop

Bransby Home of Rest for Horses Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

British Horse Society Online Gift & Merchandise Shop


Cats Protection League Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Celia Hammond Animal Trust Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Compassionate Dorset Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Compassion In World Farming Online Gift & Merchandise Shop
(£1 from the sale of each item goes to the charity)

D, E, F

Dogs Trust Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

The Donkey Sanctuary Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Freedom For Animals (Formerly Captive Animals Protection Society)Shop

Friends Of Animals Online Gift & Merchandise Shop


Give A Greyhound A Home (GAGAH) Gift & Merchandise Shop

Greyhound Gap Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Greyhounds In Need Gift & Merchandise Shop

Greyhounds Rescue Fife Gift & Merchandise Shop

H, I, J, K, L

Hillside Animal Sanctuary Online Charity Gift & Merchandise Shop

Humane Research Trust Online Gift & Card Shop

Humane Society US Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

M, N, O

Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre Shop

NAWT Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

P, Q

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) UK Shop

PeTA US Based Online Animal Gift & Merchandise Catalogue

People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Shop

R, S, T, U

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Shop

Royal Society For Protection of Birds (RSPB) Shop
CAUTION: RSPB use donations to fund “wildlife management”, which is the culling of wild animals.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

V, W, X, Y, Z

Viva Online Gift & Merchandise Shop
The Viva Shop includes cruelty-free vegan makeup / cosmetics, toiletries, food, chocolates & sweets.

World Animal Protection (formerly WSPA) Gift & Merchandise Shop

Worldwide Veterinary Service Online Gift & Merchandise Shop

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Online Gift & Merchandise Shop
Please be aware that WWF approve of trophy hunting and undertake culling of some animals for the benefit of others

WWF UK Online Animal Gift & Merchandise Shop
CAUTION: WWF approve of trophy hunting, and use donations to fund “wildlife management”, which is the culling of wild animals.

Although not a charity, also worth a mention is the Crafting To Give website. They sell handmade crafts, including personalised items, and donate all profits to supporting animal rescues and charities. You can also find them on Facebook, here.

Image Examples of some of the items you may find in online charity shops

More Charity Gift Examples
More Charity Gift Examples

Animal Charity Auctions & Sales

Many animal rescues and animal charities hold online fundraising events on Facebook. You can help animals at the same time as having fun through these events, or by finding items in the sales and auctions they hold. You can buy gifts for friends and family members birthdays and for Christmas, you can buy things for yourself. Some people buy things and re-donate them to the same or other animal rescue charities, in order to help raise more money to help animals.

In the group Auctions & Sales ONLY To Help Animals, you will find just auctions and buy it now sales you can buy from, and help animals at the same time.

In the Facebook group, ANIMAL RESCUE AUCTIONS And Other Events NOW ON!, many animal charities and rescues post their fundraising auctions, sales, raffles, draws, and other events.

Image: Animal Rescue Auctions group on Facebook

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops Animal Rescue Auctions
Animal Rescue Auctions

You need to have a Facebook account to take part in the events listed.

Also, in order to purchase items, you usually need to join the individual fundraising groups.  If you cannot see how to join, comment on the post to ask.


What Are The Rules?

The auctions have different rules, so please read the rules for each auction you choose to join. The rules can usually be found in the “About” or “Files” section of the group, and at other times on the “Pinned Post” (the top post on the page). This may sound daunting, but if you are unsure or confused, you can simply ask by commenting, and someone will help you.

Some of the differences in rules are, for example, that some auction
pages have all items ending at the same time, while others have individual
items ending a certain number of days after the first bid on them. Some allow the first acceptable bid to win. Many like bids to be in increments of 50p.

How Are They Set Out?

Some auctions and sales may have links to clearly labelled ‘photo albums’ showing their items, This makes it easy and quick to look through the items. Others may just need you to scroll through the items on the main page of the group. It can be confusing at first, but stick with it, as it is worth it : )

There are also other fund raising events on some of these pages, such as raffles and scratch cards.

Are They New Or Used Items?

Some events have only new or unused items, some have pre-loved items, and some both.

Do The Auctions / Sales Run All The Time?

Auctions where the items all start and end at the same time take a while to sort out at the end. Consequently, sometimes you will find that auction pages are between auctions.

Some ‘Buy It Now’ sales have set start and end times, but many are ongoing. Auctions where individual items start and end at different times are ongoing. These ongoing auctions are often referred to as rolling auctions.

Additional Online Auctions/Sales In Aid of Animals:

There are also items auctioned in aid of animal charities and rescues on eBay for charity.

Raise Money For Animal Charities When Shopping Anywhere

You can raise money for animal charities when you make purchases from regular online retailers, at no cost to yourself.

Thousands of well known online retailers are signed up to fundraising websites. When you make purchases through these sites, the retailers donate to the animal charity of your choice.

Vouchers and gift cards, which make good gifts, can also be purchased through these sites.

Image: Help animal charities by shopping through fundraising shopping sites Image Source

Easy Fundraising Logo
Easy Fundraising Logo

What Else Can I Do To Help Animals?

Here are more ways to earn and raise funds to help animals in need.

If you would like to learn more about why we so urgently need to help stop animal suffering, please have a look at this website. Please be aware you may find it distressing, especially if you are sensitive.

Here at, we are all about the many different ways you can help animals. There are ways to suit every personality and circumstance, no matter what you like doing. Find ways that would suit you, here.

One great way to help animals is to share the information you have found on this website. By doing that, you can be the cause of more people helping animals.

Buy Charity Gifts and Cards at Online Charity Shops Only Taking Action Will Help Animals
Only Taking Action Will Help Animals

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